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The NASA College Scholarship Fund, Inc., a Texas nonprofit corporation, awards scholarships Agencywide to qualified dependents of NASA and former NASA employees. 

Today’s citizens are called upon to shape the world of tomorrow through the understanding and implementation of scientific and technological advances. We at the NASA College Scholarship Fund, Inc. recognize the critical need for science and engineering graduates. Science and engineering education enhances the broad intellectual capabilities of students and remains one of the best means for determining appropriate responses to significant societal issues. 

Pulitzer Prize winning author James A. Michener, who cited the many achievements of the hardworking NASA employees and his desire to promote education, initiated the NASA College Scholarship Fund, Inc. (NCSF) with a significant, unsolicited donation. Incorporated in Texas on October 20, 1982, NCSF uses contributions and/or income exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes.