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The Workforce Information Cubes for NASA (WICN) has moved, and is now hosted at the NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC).  For those of you with personal Bookmarks drilling down to specific tables or views, you will need to re-create those Bookmarks from this updated site..



Quick Information about NASA’s Workforce

Workforce Size: Civil service employees at each of NASA’s field Centers and Headquarters.

Occupations: Major occupational groups (Science and Engineering, Professional Administrative, Clerical, Technicians, Wage Grade) at each of NASA’s field Centers and Headquarters.

Educational Attainment: For the major occupational groups, the level of education attained by NASA employees.

Workforce Measures: Workforce Measures (Head count of Employees, Average Age, Average Years of Service in the Federal Government, Average Salary, Aggregate Salary) at the field Centers and Headquarters.

Demographic Information: Workforce age distribution and diversity.

Workforce Map:Where the more than 18,000 civil service employees and more than 40,000 contractors and grantees work.

Additional Workforce Information

Workforce Information Cubes for NASA (WICN):
NASA keeps close track of its civil service personnel and provides updated information to Agency management every two weeks through a set of special files on the web. These files are multidimensional data cubes and contain information on workforce strength, competencies, history, demographics, and dynamics.

Information on the entire Federal workforce is available from the United States Office of Personnel Management via FedScope.