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NASA Desk Guides (PDF Format)

NASA Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedure for Federally Mandated Training
Federally Mandated Training Schedule

NASA Policy Directives

NPD 3000.1C - Human Capital Management
NPD 3310.1A – Distinguishing Between Contractor and Civil Service Functions
NPD 3410.2G – Employee and Organizational Development

NASA Procedures and Guidelines

NPR 3100.1A - Management of the Senior Executive Service
NPR 3300.1B
- Appointment of Personnel to/from NASA
NPR 3317.1A - Senior Executive Service Career Appointee Merit Staffing in NASA
NPR 3319.1A
- Management of Senior Scientific and Technical and Other Senior Level Positions
NPR 3330.1A
- NASA Career Transition Assistance Program (CTAP)
NPR 3335.1H - Internal Placement of NASA Employees
NPR 3430.1C - NASA Employee Performance Communication System (EPCS)
NPR 3435.1B - NASA Performance Management Plan for the Senior Executive Service
NPR 3451.1
- NASA Awards and Recognition Program
NPR 3511.1 - Position Management and Classification
NPR 3530.1C - NASA Pay and Compensation Policy
NPR 3600.1A
- Attendance and Leave
NPR 3600.3
- NASA Voluntary Leave Bank Program
NPR 3711.1 - Federal Employee Labor Management Relations Program
NPR 3771.1 - Grievance System
NPR 3790.1 - NASA's Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking Response Plan
NPR 3792.1B - Plan for a Drug-Free Workplace